Totally Under-rated Office Mascot

To the right is my all time BFF slash office companion, Cooper San Groover the 3rd.

A Visit to the Tampa Humane Society

Cooper was rescued on Feb 15th 2009 from the Tampa Humane Society. He is extremely loved and enjoys playing with his human cousins. His human twin is named Madison Shea Cruz. You will be surprised at their similar mannerisms. There isn't much known about his past.

Corky characteristics

He has an extremely unique bark. He gets really angry at the plumber for some reason and doesn't like the mailman. Cooper also has really bad flea allergies so its rare to find a flea on him since we keep him medicated and for some odd reason he smells like fruit loops. He is 14 years old and looses hair when he gets stressed out. Cooper takes his anger out on his food bowl. He barks out the window, then runs to his food bowl to chomp, then back to the window, then back to his bowl again. At times he will do this for minutes on end. Maybe he is rewarding himself with his Science Diet kibble for barking and attempting to scare birds away. I dunno. The things that go on in his little head I will never know. All I know is he truly is entertaining.

Colonel Cooper

He is extremely independent, friendly, does the silliest things, and loves to give kisses. His breath smells like sushi and this little guy has some majors "Ups", talking 3-4 feet high jumps. We like to build a happy/funny history for him which helps to lighten what may have really gone on in his doggy life. We share made up stories and most are derived while walking Cooper or just observing his little quarks. The name Colonel Cooper is derived from his rear side appearance. He looks like a Colonel wearing a pair of tapered pants. He barks at shadows but we just pretend he is shooting out orders. He has bad vision and is pretty clumsy but we love him none the less.

  • Hates: The mailman, the Ice-cream Truck, Sympathy, the smoke detector and mosquitos
  • His Kryptonite: Fleas ( he has really bad flea allergies )
  • Freaks: At the sound of a baby crying. He runs around notifying everyone that there is a cranky/uncomfortable baby near by, usually its the T.V. Note: he loves babies but we think prior to his adoption maybe there was a neglected baby in his shared living quarters. We think its the protective side of him coming out.
  • Loves: His Kennel, and Finishing his dads last few sips of chicken soup, its how they bond.
  • Bark: Sounds like an old man when barking "Orrpk Orrpk"

I love playing with my RC Traxxas Rustler... I also enjoy raw organic cashews and brisk walks towards my fridge.