Thanks! Just Sayin...


I love reading and I can honestly give credit to my 5th grade teacher Ms. Dean. I feel horrible because I have no idea what her first name is nor do I think students during that time frame even knew that teachers had a real first name, lol.  She was extremely caring and sectioned off a reading block for all the students and showed us how to escape from reality by reading. Indian in the Cupboard you rock! We were able to be the main characters in so many of our books and enjoy adventures our folks would never allow us to in real life. Yea I highly doubt that my Mom and Pops would appreciate me living inside a giant peace like James did. Another thanks would be to my Mama San for leaving me in the book aisle why she grocery shopped at Stop & Shop. O yes, Ma let me get 2 big kid novels every single time which made me love coming along for errands and getting food.

My first hit of drawing in the computer world was my Photoshop and Illustrator class with Ms. Hanson during my jr or sr year of High School. After that I was addicted and sent  my graphite pals on a little hiatus. At this age I was aware that teachers did in fact have first names. Tyson Hanson is who I knew this wonderful person as. She even wrote a reference letter for me for College. Can you get any more awesome?! I love you Ms. Hanson!

Dick Patterson

He gave me the best advice which happened to be during my first quarter of freshman year.  He mentioned how one student can have the knowledge of the graphic design/print world whereas one can have the knowledge of the web world. He made it clear that one could better there chances of landing a great career if they had both backgrounds. Why hire two people when you can hire one with the skill sets of both. Oh man was I on a mission from that point. Thanks Mr. Patterson you may not realize how much impact that advice really had.  I can’t thank you enough!

Kristina Boe Eichmann

Kristina Boe Eichmann not only is she a stunning woman but is also extremely intelligent and a phenomenal teacher. One of her main design sayings upon work being presented to her was, “Does it have CRAP?”. Many would think oh man she’s going to tear me a new one but really when she said CRAP she meant Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. So if your project was awesome you could definitely say yes, Mrs. Eichmann it has Crap. I spent so many sleepless nights working on projects for her classes.

There was actually one night I dosed off into my mount board and was awakened by a worried cousin. “Sarry are you ok?” and I screamed “Ohhhh I can see the contrast!”. Now by hearing that you must know that her teaching skills are really hardcore. I was lucky enough to have her for a second class. She is one of the main reason’s why I extended my stay at IADT and signed on for my bachelor’s degree. I wanted to have her as a teacher once more. She was known for teaching the Photography for Graphic Designer’s course, which was part of the bachelors program. I will have to admit I really was sad to see her go before I could have that class (more about this course in the Dawn Carlson section). She moved on to bigger and better things that I’m sure brought her much happiness in life. A couple of my girlfriends and I as gay as this may sound cried as if we were in grade school when we heard the news. I hear you are teaching again Mrs. Eichmann and I am sure you will continue to impact and change the lives of many students. Thank you.

Dawn Carlson

Dawn Carlson was always the spunky fun teacher that all the students looked up to. One thing I learned in one of the Photoshop courses was to use layer etiquette or make an ass of yourself while presenting your project to the rest of the class.

Dawn has a huge heart and there is this one memory I have of her after one of our many 4.5 hour classes. We were allowed to stick around and use the schools resources as long as there wasn’t another class assigned to that lab. A fellow student of mine was really sweet but I feel was very resistant in class. Not to ever down on anyone but he didn’t really present any of the nicer projects in class and didn’t seem to care at all about school. Back to what I was saying... after class I witnessed a few computers away Dawn giving him one on one help with a project. At that moment the student showed so much interest for assignment, which I’ve never seen come from him. Dawn was so caring and attentive as she demonstrated some Photoshop tool techniques and asked him to try. Next week during our project presentation I was so blown away by his project as were some of my snooty classmates. The whole entire class applauded his color correcting project. He had the biggest smile and I can still picture the shy but proud look on his face.

As mentioned earlier in Kristina Eichmann’s section, I looked forward to the Photography for Graphic Designer’s class but was sad to hear Mrs. Eichmann was leaving. Not too much later I was extremely excited to hear the Dawn Carlson was the new teacher for that class. Yes dawn, we will keep our finger on the focus ring and yes 18% gray is embedded in my head. Dawn thank you for being an inspiration and a mentor to me in many ways.

Kerstin Upmeyer

Kerstin Upmeyer is the Illustrator Queen. Her classes were always so much fun and we were able to utilize alot of our freshly learned skills during her lab hours. Not only did she teach us basic design principles but her tutorials were so enriching. She taught us several different ways to produce the same final product. I fell in love with product packaging during her classes. To design and create something digitally then still use you hands to assemble the final piece was a blast. The milk carton project was my favorite. I still remember our field trip to Hillsborough printing where we got to see hands on everything she taught us about pre-press. That was such a great experience. Kerstin introduced me to making hand made pop up cards. I’ve made so many cards since and its so much fun. Thanks Kerstin!

James Bennett

James Bennett was an extremely outgoing and funny teacher who was always making graphic design students think out of their comfort zone. Graphic designers at the time didn’t typically have to deal with html or code however there were some classes that were mandatory for us to take. I’m glad we had to take those classes. My one and only class I had with him was a java-scripting class. I honestly can’t remember the course name though, haha. He was so in-depth when it came to java-script that he even strayed into firewall talk etc. at times. He used some great analogies that helped a slow learner like myself keep right up with the rest of the class and at times I waited for them to catch up. I remember his analogy of a truck versus java-script. He would explain how a truck had many parts that consisted of more parts. Those parts would call on other parts and if one of the parts had a flaw then the truck wouldn’t function properly. Then he got into this talk of how a wheel has lug nuts and so forth which helps explain the different variables within a script.

I use to love his homework and felt like a such a cool gal staying in on Friday nights so I could debug his supplied files. I loved submitting work with little "commented out" messages. Hopefully Mr. Bennett noticed. The messages varied from "I love redbull", to "Honk, Honk". They were directed at him. For some reason I loved saying “Honk Honk” in his classes. I think that derived from the whole truck analogy. I would literally tag “Honk Honk” throughout the code. Man did I ever think I was the most clever person in the world. Looking back now, my code skills were so amateur compared to how they are now. Thanks Mr. Bennett for showing me the rewards of debugging code...a functioning site!

Nefertiti Puplampu

Nefertiti Puplampu is why I feel so confident as a graphic design when it comes to hand-coding. She has literally explained everything in the web world from the ground up, which is the best way for someone to learn. I still use much of the knowledge I learned from her to this day while at work; tables (now divs), chevrons you get the point.  I remember for some class projects when a website did not display properly, I had so much fun looking for the issue and letting her know I handled it.  For those times where I couldn’t figure out the hiccup I watched her as her eyes focused in the code where she would skim the characters until she saw a flaw, "Oh Sarry you forgot to close that tag". Unfortunately I only had her as a teacher once. Yes, she gave me a taste of the web world sometime around 2004-2005 "ish" and from that point on I have become a web head. This was the start of many side projects that were web related. Don’t worry graphic designers I’m still one of you!

Josef Mancino

Josef Mancino when I first meant him I knew he was someone special. He is talented in so many ways that he really makes you scratch your head. I mean is this guy real? Maybe he's a genius robot that just so happens to be great at everything. He's created some of the most spectacular designs that I have ever seen. He was always a great friend and tutored me in areas I struggled with. We would spend so many hours after class working until I knew what the heck I was doing. It was so easy to learn when he was teaching.

I can remember one time he spent about 5 hours helping me with a project for my Director class. He was getting a bit cranky and I told him “Uh, I think you need to eat something” and he glared at me and said “Oh no, neither one of us will eat until you get this right”. Yea we were both starving but by the end of the evening I was a dang pro! I can’t remember if I bought him dinner that night or not lol. If I didn’t before then I'll say it now "he definitely deserved it". Guess what? That was not the only time he went out of his way to tutor me. He spent several hours and several days teaching me how to use Flash correctly. I struggled so much in that class and knew just the basics. Outside of class Joe showed the software to me in a completely different view. He is a flash genius and taught me so much. Joe was only a student during all of our study sessions but I’m glad now to see that he is actually teaching at IADT. I remember telling him he would make a brilliant teacher. Thank you Joe!

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