I love reading and I can honestly give credit to my 5th grade teacher Ms. Dean. I feel horrible because I have no idea what her first name is nor do I think students during that time frame even knew that teachers had a real first name, lol.  She was extremely caring and sectioned off a reading block for all the students and showed us how to escape from reality by reading. Indian in the Cupboard you rock! We were able to be the main characters in so many of our books and enjoy adventures our folks would never allow us to in real life. Yea I highly doubt that my Mom and Pops would appreciate me living inside a giant peace like James did. Another thanks would be to my Mama San for leaving me in the book aisle why she grocery shopped at Stop & Shop. O yes, Ma let me get 2 big kid novels every single time which made me love coming along for errands and getting food.

My first hit of drawing in the computer world was my Photoshop and Illustrator class with Ms. Hanson during my jr or sr year of High School. After that I was addicted and sent  my graphite pals on a little hiatus. At this age I was aware that teachers did in fact have first names. Tyson Hanson is who I knew this wonderful person as. She even wrote a reference letter for me for College. Can you get any more awesome?! I love you Ms. Hanson!

I love playing with my RC Traxxas Rustler... I also enjoy raw organic cashews and brisk walks towards my fridge.