Kristina Boe Eichmann not only is she a stunning woman but is also extremely intelligent and a phenomenal teacher. One of her main design sayings upon work being presented to her was, “Does it have CRAP?”. Many would think oh man she’s going to tear me a new one but really when she said CRAP she meant Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, and Proximity. So if your project was awesome you could definitely say yes, Mrs. Eichmann it has Crap. I spent so many sleepless nights working on projects for her classes.

There was actually one night I dosed off into my mount board and was awakened by a worried cousin. “Sarry are you ok?” and I screamed “Ohhhh I can see the contrast!”. Now by hearing that you must know that her teaching skills are really hardcore. I was lucky enough to have her for a second class. She is one of the main reason’s why I extended my stay at IADT and signed on for my bachelor’s degree. I wanted to have her as a teacher once more. She was known for teaching the Photography for Graphic Designer’s course, which was part of the bachelors program. I will have to admit I really was sad to see her go before I could have that class (more about this course in the Dawn Carlson section). She moved on to bigger and better things that I’m sure brought her much happiness in life. A couple of my girlfriends and I as gay as this may sound cried as if we were in grade school when we heard the news. I hear you are teaching again Mrs. Eichmann and I am sure you will continue to impact and change the lives of many students. Thank you.

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