Dawn Carlson was always the spunky fun teacher that all the students looked up to. One thing I learned in one of the Photoshop courses was to use layer etiquette or make an ass of yourself while presenting your project to the rest of the class.

Dawn has a huge heart and there is this one memory I have of her after one of our many 4.5 hour classes. We were allowed to stick around and use the schools resources as long as there wasn’t another class assigned to that lab. A fellow student of mine was really sweet but I feel was very resistant in class. Not to ever down on anyone but he didn’t really present any of the nicer projects in class and didn’t seem to care at all about school. Back to what I was saying... after class I witnessed a few computers away Dawn giving him one on one help with a project. At that moment the student showed so much interest for assignment, which I’ve never seen come from him. Dawn was so caring and attentive as she demonstrated some Photoshop tool techniques and asked him to try. Next week during our project presentation I was so blown away by his project as were some of my snooty classmates. The whole entire class applauded his color correcting project. He had the biggest smile and I can still picture the shy but proud look on his face.

As mentioned earlier in Kristina Eichmann’s section, I looked forward to the Photography for Graphic Designer’s class but was sad to hear Mrs. Eichmann was leaving. Not too much later I was extremely excited to hear the Dawn Carlson was the new teacher for that class. Yes dawn, we will keep our finger on the focus ring and yes 18% gray is embedded in my head. Dawn thank you for being an inspiration and a mentor to me in many ways.

I love playing with my RC Traxxas Rustler... I also enjoy raw organic cashews and brisk walks towards my fridge.