James Bennett was an extremely outgoing and funny teacher who was always making graphic design students think out of their comfort zone. Graphic designers at the time didn’t typically have to deal with html or code however there were some classes that were mandatory for us to take. I’m glad we had to take those classes. My one and only class I had with him was a java-scripting class. I honestly can’t remember the course name though, haha. He was so in-depth when it came to java-script that he even strayed into firewall talk etc. at times. He used some great analogies that helped a slow learner like myself keep right up with the rest of the class and at times I waited for them to catch up. I remember his analogy of a truck versus java-script. He would explain how a truck had many parts that consisted of more parts. Those parts would call on other parts and if one of the parts had a flaw then the truck wouldn’t function properly. Then he got into this talk of how a wheel has lug nuts and so forth which helps explain the different variables within a script.

I use to love his homework and felt like a such a cool gal staying in on Friday nights so I could debug his supplied files. I loved submitting work with little "commented out" messages. Hopefully Mr. Bennett noticed. The messages varied from "I love redbull", to "Honk, Honk". They were directed at him. For some reason I loved saying “Honk Honk” in his classes. I think that derived from the whole truck analogy. I would literally tag “Honk Honk” throughout the code. Man did I ever think I was the most clever person in the world. Looking back now, my code skills were so amateur compared to how they are now. Thanks Mr. Bennett for showing me the rewards of debugging code...a functioning site!

I love playing with my RC Traxxas Rustler... I also enjoy raw organic cashews and brisk walks towards my fridge.